In-Engine VFX

At Intific it was necessary to prototype VFX for our proprietary engine. The Call of Duty mod tools provided an excellent interim editor as we transitioned to our own in- house FX editor. Below are some examples of these FX. It was imperative that the end result be  as to close to real life as possible in order to maintain the fidelity of the simulation.

Below are both video examples as well as a gallery of particle textures that were used in our proprietary engine to reproduce these FX.

Disclamer: All textures and assets used were from the  Call of Duty particle editor (hence the scene setup), but I built all particle systems from scratch.

Video Examples

You can choose “Play All” or select individual files by choosing “Playlist” In the Upper Left of each video. Playlist is detailed above each video section.

Explosions and Fire
CoD in-engine FX Explosion GBU12 (large bomb)
CoD in-engine FX Explosion Grenade
CoD in-enigne FX Smoke Mortar
CoD in-engine 40mm Cannon Explosion
CoD in-engine Bullet Impact 50mm round
CoD in-Engine FX 25mm Cannon
CoD in-engine FX Muzzle flash Generic

Enviromnental and Games Effects:
CoD in-engine FX Waterfall small
CoD in-engine FX Flies Swarm
CoD in-engine FX Leaves Windswept
CoD in-engine FX Collectspark
CoD FX in-engine DustCloud Medium
CoD in-engine FX Dust with Debris

Smoke and Haze:
CoD in-engine FX SmokeGrenade Green
CoD in-engine FX Smoke Black Tirefire
CoD in-engine FX Fire Smoke (with light source)
CoD in-engine FX Smoke Haze (medium thickness)

Texture Examples