Psy-Comm (Tokyopop)

Psy-Comm (short for Psychic Commandos) is a 3 volume manga influenced comic published by Tokyopop as part of their Global Manga initiative. It is available in print through and through Comixology and Graphicly.

“If you enjoyed manga like Battle Royale, and books and movies like the Hunger Games series, we’ve got some more action for you. In the future, war will be entertainment, corporations will rule with an iron fist, and war heroes will become superstars. This is the world of Psy-Comm.

Psy-Comm is short for Psychic Commandoes, a group of elite warriors who not only fight the battles the corporations send them to fight, they do it on TV for an audience of billions.  Their show is the ultimate reality TV show, where there is always a chance that the stars their fans follow might not be around for the next episode.

When Psy-Comm superstar Mark finds himself forced to choose between love and loyalty, his best friend and comrade David suddenly finds himself at odds with Mark. And therein lies a saga.”

Created/Written  by Tony Salvaggio and Jason Henderson.
Illustrated/Designed by Shane Granger and Ramanda Kamarga.
Inks-Jeremy Freeman, Tones- Chi Wang
Editor-Bryce P. Coleman