Sprite Based VFX

In addition to doing VFX for 3D engines, I have also worked on various 2D particles for casino games, educational titles and independent games. Using Particle Illusion, Photoshop, and several different stitching programs I have produced both in-game particle systems and atlassed textures to be displayed in various applications. In some cases Particle Illusion base texture were used, and tweaked as applicable, while in others, new textures were used to complete the effect.

2D games

I did many of the FX in these games. Below is a video with playlist of some of the 2D sprite FX I did while at Intific, sprite sheets of some of these FX are below that and if you want to see them in action, the games can be accessed by clicking on the screenshots below the sprite sheets.

Playable games for which I did the sprite FX:

Qudrant Defender Game

Quadrant Defender Game

Rational Blaster

Rational Blaster



3D Games

As part of a tech demo for Google, Intific used proprietary technology to detect neurological input in the context of a rail shooter where the user was rewarded for being calm while under time pressure.
I did the laser effects and graphic EQ elements in this simulation. All other art and design was done by the art and design team at Intific.

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